The right location is half the battle won. Do note that virtually each element of your cafe will be influenced by its location and surroundings, including the amount of footfalls you may expect, menu, pricing, your theme or other USPs. Look for a location that has:

  • High footfall
  • Good catchment: residential / commercial
  • Ease of access
  • Affordable monthly rent
  • Parking
  • Authorised by municipal authorities for such a business

Trying to balance all the factors isn’t going to be easy. Weigh the compromises versus potential and make an informed decision, for it’ll be very difficult to find premises which qualifies 100% on all the parameters.  

Though it may seem a bit daunting, it maybe a great idea to take over a running business that may not be doing so well, as long as it has a great location.

This helps you set-up your business more quickly with your own bit of tweaking. Since the basic infrastructure is already in place, the turnaround time is faster and the necessary licensing/permits are already in place.